Self Care 101

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Self Care 101


Self care is beneficial for stress management, physical health and emotional well being.  When we take care of ourselves, we are healthier, more productive and happier.  As a result we are able to take better care of the people who matter the most.  We are better friends, partners, family members and employees.   People say that they don’t have time for self care or they don’t know of any strategies. Now there are no excuses! This is a list of 101 strategies to take care of you! Keep in mind, self care is unique to everyone so be do what works best for you.  There will be at least one new idea so you will be sure to take care of YOU!



  1. Practice deep breathing
  2. Go for a jog or a run
  3. Spend time with family/loved ones
  4. Practice yoga
  5. Eat healthy meals and snacks
  6. Spend time in nature
  7. Do zumba, aerobics
  8. Set goals
  9. Love yourself
  10. Get plenty of sleep/rest
  11. Have a gratitude practice
  12. Hire a personal trainer
  13. Walk
  14. Crochet
  15. Have alone time
  16. Use essential oils
  17. Take a bubble bath
  18. Spend time with your pets
  19. Weight train
  20. Drink plenty of water
  21. Do home a workout programs
  22. Use products you love (body wash, candles)
  23. Schedule regular wellness visits (Dentist, primary care physician, chiropractor)
  24. Do crossword puzzles
  25. Process your feelings
  26. Get a massage
  27. Snuggle with someone you care about
  28. Meditate
  29. Go for a bicycle ride
  30. Get acupuncture
  31. Shop
  32. Create a to do list
  33. Utilize Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  34. Color in a coloring book
  35. Schedule breaks
  36. Compliment someone
  37. Paint or go to a paint party
  38. Talk to a friend or a supportive person
  39. Take a break from stressful situations
  40. Watch television or a movie
  41. Order take-out food or take a break from cooking
  42. Participate in social networks
  43. Make time for hobbies
  44. Learn Tai Chi
  45. Knit
  46. Read a book, journal, newspaper or magazine
  47. Get a facial
  48. Play card games or board games
  49. Repeat positive affirmations
  50. Go to a self improvement training or seminar
  51. Take a shower
  52. Treat yourself to something special (flowers, shopping)
  53. Visualize/imagine happy thoughts and situations
  54. Schedule time for self care
  55. Go to the beach
  56. Listen to calming sounds (ocean, waves, rain, sound machine)
  57. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  58. Hike
  59. Write or journal
  60. De-clutter, get rid of what you don’t need
  61. Swim
  62. Draw or doodle
  63. Garden or lawn care
  64. Know your limits
  65. Turn off your cell phone or technology
  66. Listen to or dance to music
  67. Write or read poetry
  68. Do karate
  69. Play an instrument
  70. Clean your house, car, office, desk, etc.
  71. Scrapbook
  72. Drink herbal tea
  73. Make a list of your positive qualities or accomplishments
  74. Smile at yourself in the mirror or at others
  75. Practice mindfulness
  76. Participate in/avoid social media
  77. Clear out old email
  78. Say “No” to what you don’t need or don’t want
  79. Go horseback riding
  80. Donate items
  81. Know your limitations, seek help or outsource
  82. Trust your gut/instincts
  83. Volunteer
  84. Surround yourself with Motivational pictures and motivational quotations
  85. Be kind to yourself
  86. Surround yourself with positive people and positive situations
  87. Have a self care accountability partner
  88. Validate your feelings
  89. Do what you love
  90. Believe in yourself
  91. Create a self care vision board
  92. Go for a relaxing drive
  93. Call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while
  94. Travel
  95. Participate in personal development or professional development
  96. Get a haircut, color or style
  97. Do reiki
  98. Forgive yourself and others
  99. Set boundaries
  100. Describe and imagine your perfect day
  101. Talk to a therapist, life coach, mentor

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