Are You Scared of Success?


Are you scared of success?  I know what you’re thinking, “Of course not!  I want to be successful!”  It makes sense to want success, right?  Or does it?

Success can have different meanings to different people.  Success can mean getting a promotion, losing weight, accomplishing a goal, earning more income, etc.  You get the point.  Is there something you are trying to accomplish but you can’t seem to get there?  Do you have a goal weight and you are stuck at the same weight?  Is there a dream job that you want to pursue, but something is stopping you? Is it possible that you are scared of success?  It sure is!

Accomplishing our goals can be scary!  What if people view us differently?  What if we are judged for accomplishing our goals?  What if we can’t maintain the goal weight or goal income?  There are so many what ifs.  Does this sound like what’s going on for you?

So now what?  Some of us get stuck and don’t pursue our dreams based on our fears.  Don’t let that be you!  You have gifts to offer the world and the people around you.  It’s time to be you and go after your dreams.  Here are some strategies to help you embrace success rather than fear it:

  1. Journal – Journaling can have several benefits, such as: stress reduction, healing relationships, knowing yourself better, addressing fears of being successful.  Make this a practice.  Do it daily or more than once a day.  Write about what has been holding you back or about some of the successes you have already accomplished.
  2. Self care – When we take better care of ourselves we can take better care of loved ones, careers, goals, aspirations, etc.  Self care may include: exercise, meditation, deep breathing, hydrating, getting plenty of rest, etc.  For more ideas, check out my blog: Self Care 101.
  3. Affirmations – Notice your negative thoughts or limiting beliefs.  Notice them and get rid of them!  Change your negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones.  Instead of saying, “I can’t accomplish my goal because I have failed so many times before,” tell yourself, “I am worthy of accomplishing the goals I desire.”  Say it over and over, say it aloud, write it down, journal about it, use post it notes.  Do this whether or not you believe it.  A belief is a thought we keep telling ourselves.  You may not believe it at first, but practice affirmations until they become part of your positive self talk.
  4. Believe – Believe you deserve to be successful and live the life you want to live.  The first step is allowing yourself to desire success.  Once you realize what you want, start believing you deserve to have it.  Then journal about it and create new affirmations about what you desire.
  5. Hire a coach, therapist, mentor – Don’t try to do it all alone.  There are people who specialize in helping people overcome their fears, anxiety and stresses.  Having support to process why you are stuck or scared of success may help to overcome the fear.  Some of the most successful people have coaches to guide, support and motivate.

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